DIY Mixes Changed My Life

Hello! I’m so happy to be able to tell my gluten-free friends about these DIY mixes again!  They have changed my life–and in a very good way.  I just love having some of the items that I regularly bake for my family all measured out, and ready to go when the spirit (or need) hits me.  Taking just a little bit of time to prepare these mixes surely has been worth the effort for me.

To be honest there are 4-5 mixes that I make sure I don’t run out of.  For example, if I see that I have only one pancake mix on the shelf, the next time I am baking anything I set up to measure all the ingredients for the pancake mix before I put the four canister away.  When unexpected guests are at the door, or the kids come home with especially good news–I’m half way there to having a home-baked goodie to celebrate!

Here, in one place, are all the DIY mixes.  Just pick a couple that you know you and your family will want in the next few weeks and start filling your pantry.  You will be glad you did!

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