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Waffled Churros–Gluten-Free and Delicious!

Churros are those crispy Mexican pastries.  Often sold by street vendors in Mexico, they are delicious covered in a sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar.  I haven’t had them in quite a few years, but I do remember how good they were.  Since we don’t go to Mexico often, I decided to try this recipe.  My […]

Baked Chocolate Donuts with Peanut Butter Frosting

It’s Easter Monday and the kids are home for the day.  What better way to start the day that with homemade donuts!  These are quick and easy and they only make about 8 donuts–nothing to have left over.  I had the help of the younger boys so they chose the peanut butter frosting, and, of […]

Hot Cross Buns–Easy & Gluten-Free!

Easter is almost here!  I worked on this recipe in honor of my father.  He loved hot cross buns.  As a kid I couldn’t figure it out–they weren’t really sweet.  And I associated Easter with candy, just like Halloween and Christmas.  One day I asked him about hot crossed buns–why were they such a treat […]

Pecan Bundt Coffee Cake with Butter Rum Drizzle

I like making bundt coffee cakes.  They are large enough for me to share with a neighbor or two, and still have enough for my family.  I have a neighbor who had been ill for a couple of days.  Recently, I heard she was feeling much better, so I decided to make this cake and […]

Ham, Eggs and Cheese Breakfast Muffins

Today’s a holiday so I get to use the time to be more organized for the rest of the week. These easy and tasty breakfast “muffins” are a healthy and quick way to have breakfast for the family on those busy weekdays.  Plus, I feel they are quite healthy and filling.  Actually, I would not […]

Baked Granola Cups with Yogurt–Yum!

These granola cups are so easy to make.  I enjoy them on busy mornings, if I have a couple in the freezer, for a grab and go breakfast.   Usually they are eaten up right away.  I enjoy the flexibility of this recipe.  You can add whatever dried fruit you have on hand for the […]

Great Depression Cake from 1930’s

One of the women in my Women’s Club asked me if I had any information how our grandmothers managed during the Great Depression.  Just what did they serve their families?  As a matter of fact, at one time in my life I had about 20 pamphlets from American companies touting their products from that era. […]

Ultimate Pancakes using Baking Mix

Last week I got an email from Alexandria and she allowed me to share it with you.   Alexandria said: “I hope the new year is treating you well. I have a question for you that I can’t seem to find an answer to at the blog site. I am still looking for a really […]

A Classic–Sour Cream Coffee Cake

So much for good intentions to avoid sweet baking for January.  My first email in 2016 was from a baker who wanted more gluten-free recipes where she could use her family heirloom tube pan and Bundt pan.  Plus she was to hostess a Women’s Club meeting for 10-12 members.  A cry for help if I’ve ever […]

Eggnog Donuts–Yum!

The week between Christmas and New Years is a week of celebrations with family and friends for my family.  Lots of visiting back and forth, and lots of good times.  Sometimes the kids have sleepovers with cousins or friends.  I have found that homemade donuts are a great addition to these visits.  If the kids […]