Our Recipes

Spicy Gluten-Free Cheese Snacks

Sometimes my family just needs something crispy to munch on! This is my go to recipe since it makes up fast and I can keep some in the freezer (either unbaked as a log or baked).   We like the added zip of the spicy pepper.  It seems to punch up the Cheddar cheese flavor. […]

Gluten-Free Crackers Much Like Ritz Crackers

I think the thing I miss most since becoming gluten-free are crunchy crackers.  In the past, my husband’s work hours were irregular.  I could not always count on his being home on time for dinner.   And, dinner in our house has always been a family affair.  We all sit down to the meal together […]

Savory Crackers with Parmesan & Thyme

I like having some savory crackers in my pantry.  Somehow, a couple of these and a hot cup of tea at mid-afternoon and I am ready for anything.  I find I am satisfied with just a couple since the savory flavors linger in  my mouth.  The baking I do over the holidays sets me up […]

Savory Blue Cheese Crackers

Sometimes I just get tired of all the sweet stuff around the house during the holidays. Does that ever happen to you?  If so, I have just the right recipe for a savory cracker that you will be glad to make.  They are so flavorful you don’t need anything to serve with them! Savory blue […]

Honey Graham Crackers–the Best and Gluten-Free

I used to like graham crackers and then, awhile ago, they fell out of favor with me.  Somehow they just didn’t have the rich golden flavor I remembered from childhood.  Now I’ve been asked to make a gluten-free graham cracker crust for pies.  So I dug out a really old recipe and tried it with […]

Seeded Oatcakes–Savory Oat Crackers

These crackers are just plain fun!  They go together quickly.  This cracker is flavored with the herb, thyme, and roasted sunflower seeds.  The crispy texture lends itself to pairing with spreadable cheese or thin slices of cheese.  Plus the recipe makes about 24 good-sized crackers. I like to snack on roasted sunflower seeds.  However, I […]