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DIY Gluten-Free Mix™ – Muffin Mix

Do you remember as a child waking up to the smell of something wonderful baking in the oven?  I sure do!  And so often that was a batch of yummy muffins to have with eggs and bacon for breakfast.  In this fast-paced world, that cozy feeling of something baked special for breakfast just doesn’t happen […]

Blueberry Pancake Casserole for a Crowd

Do you have company coming for some of the holidays?  Breakfast for a crowd can be overwhelming sometimes, but this recipe is quick, easy, gluten-free and delicious.  And it feeds a crowd!  I was drawn to it because it uses ingredients I usually have on hand–anytime of the year.  We love blueberries and eat them […]

Spaetzle, an easy German Egg Noodle

My mother’s mother was of German descent. In fact, my mother spoke German as a child.  She had to learn to speak English to be able to go to school!  I was an adult before I knew this about her.  Unfortunately, I never knew my grandmother.  She died when I was a baby.  I did […]

Hawaiian Bread–Gluten-Free and Easy!

I’m taking quite a while this winter to try to perfect various bread recipes.  One of my family’s favorite (before going gluten-free), and one we miss is Hawaiian bread.  So soft and just slightly sweet, we wanted to be able to do breakfast egg sandwiches with it again. I didn’t know much about the bread, […]

Ultimate Pancakes using Baking Mix

Last week I got an email from Alexandria and she allowed me to share it with you.   Alexandria said: “I hope the new year is treating you well. I have a question for you that I can’t seem to find an answer to at the blog site. I am still looking for a really […]

Almond Crumb Cakes–Yum! Made Quickly with Baking Mix

My husband doesn’t eat many of my sweet treats!  However, he does like almonds, so this is one we can have for a special occasion or just anytime.  It is quick to put together because I do keep the homemade baking mix in my pantry.  These were baked in my old faithful clear glass custard […]

Savory Italian Popovers for Dinner!

It is a brisk day and I just decided to make homemade minestrone soup for dinner.  That will warm up everyone and they can eat as they get home from various activities.  This plan takes the pressure off me because it’s warming and filling.  Now what can I bake to go along with the soup? […]

Quick and Easy Quiche using GF Baking Mix

I love quiche at any meal of the day.  I always have eggs on hand and can feed a large group or surprise visitors with this recipe.  Plus I can whip it together and have a little time to relax with the group before serving. I keep the homemade gluten-free baking mix on hand just […]

A Gluten-Free Jelly Roll–Such Luxury!

I had never made a jelly roll before. To be honest I had never made a sponge cake before either!  Sponge cakes rely on egg whites, baking powder and cream of tartar to make the cake rise.  It has no fat in it, another unusual thing.  Now, I read a lot, and I read historical […]

How to Make a Dutch Baby Pancake to Share

Technically a breakfast item on most menus, my teenagers used to beg for this for dinner.  Why not? Dutch baby’s are big, puffy egg pancakes usually served with fruit compote in the center.  A little too sweet for me most of the time, but that never lowed dow the teens!  Making these is a lot […]