Our Recipes

Baguettes and Bruschetta–with Le Veneziane GF Corn Pasta

I’m so excited about the four shapes of gluten-free corn pasta that Freedom Delivered is now offering!  Pasta was always our go to meal until we went gluten-free.  Now, to find Le Veneziane, a very satisfying brand of gluten-free pasta that everyone in my family can enjoy, is a real treat.  All those old family […]

Biscotti–Gluten-Free and Made With Cookie Butter Chips!

I love biscotti which are also known as twice-baked Italian cookies.  You bake them in a large log (or two) that is about 4 inches wide.  Once it is baked golden, you slice it into 1-inch slices and then you bake the slices on the side for just a couple of minutes and then flip […]

Focaccia Bread–Gluten-Free

Focaccia is an Italian flatbread, much like pizza, but the herbs are incorporated into the dough, and you can add any toppings you wish.  Usually cheese is one of the  or toppings.  I find focaccia to be a great addition to a lighter meal–say a luncheon salad or soup.  The focaccia takes the place of […]