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Savory Oat Scones–Taste like Everything Bagels!

Do you remember the flavors that we used to enjoy when we had “everything” bagels?  You know, before going gluten-free?  Well here is an amazing recipe for a light as air scone with the seasoning that is used on “everything” bagels.  It really hits the spot if you miss that old favorite.  And, to my […]

Maple Oat Granola–Yum!

I have a confession–I had never made granola before!  I always felt that what I bought was OK, but when I couldn’t find the one we really liked, I had to settle for some ingredients that I just didn’t like.  Finally, one day recently, I ran across this easy recipe that sounded delicious and I […]

Honey Graham Cracker Redux

Just as I did in preparation for Thanksgiving through New Years Day, I bake somethings to be ready for the busy Spring into Summer seasons.  This year the first thing I am doing is to bake 3 or 4 batches of graham crackers.  It is so convenient to have my homemade, gluten-free graham crackers for […]

Buttermilk Oatmeal Bread from the Bread Machine

Just like everybody else, I have days that are hectic and I need an easy, plan ahead dinner.  In the winter, those days are filled with crockpot soups.  Often, if I can, I add homemade biscuits or breads.  Just a slice of bread can fill the cracks that soup doesn’t satisfy.  Recently, I decided to […]

Black and White Thumbprint Cookies

There must be hundreds of recipes for thumbprint cookies.  I think I have about ten recipes that I have made over the years.  Here is a new one.  I tried it because it uses oats, and I think that makes it healthier.  It also uses buttercream icing for the filling and I seem to always […]

Cookie Butter, White Chocolate and Oatmeal Cookies

The title says it all!  These cookies are full of good things and good flavors.  They make a limited number which is good for me as I only put 2-3 on each holiday tray that I make.  These cookies are big and soft and chewy! Yum! They also freeze well which is why I can […]

Oatmeal Lace Cookies–Gluten-Free

I was trying this recipe to make it gluten-free for my holiday cookie trays that I give to neighbors and friends.  I remember making something like it years ago, and wanted to rekindle the memory.   I remembered that the cookie was sweet, crispy and light.  This recipe makes cookies just like I remembered.  Oh, […]

No Bake Cookies using Homemade GF Cookie Butter

A new no bake cookie recipe is always a good thing!  This week we have shared recipes for the Dutch cookie, Speculaas, and for cookie butter made from these cookies.  The only problem I’ve had is that my family is eating the cookies before I can get to making the cookie butter.  But that is […]

Fresh Blueberry Oat Bars

This is the recipe of the week!  Everything fell together for me to make this and I loved the results!  I was shopping and the store had 18 ounces of fresh blueberries at a great price.  Now, I eat blueberries like popcorn, just a few at at time, popped into my mouth.  Nothing is better […]

Honey, Apple and Oat Scones–Gluten-Free and Delicious

I had a friend drop by and I didn’t have any goodies going at that time.  While I was talking with her, I put these together.  Let me tell you my house smelled so good!  These were simple to put together, using only one apple cored, peeled and chopped.  She is used to my baking […]