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DIY Gluten-Free Mix™ – Pancake Mix

Did you ever meet a kid who didn’t love pancakes?  Me, neither!  Come to think of it, I’ve never met an adult who didn’t love pancakes–for breakfast, dinner or whenever!  With this mix in your pantry, you can feed those gluten-free lovers of pancakes and even lovers of waffles.  Light, fluffy and yummy pancakes are […]

Savory Pumpkin Fritters

I was told they other day that not everyone likes sweet stuff!  News flash!  I knew that but at this time of the year–after Halloween, before Thanksgiving and Christmas, everything is all about sweet foods for celebrations.  I have to admit, I’m sugared out!  So I went on a crusade to research more savory and […]

It’s Not Summer Without Zesty Zucchini Corn Cakes!

I’m a gardener.  For years I have tired to limit the number of zucchinis I grow.  I’m down to only one plant, but still I get so many that I’m always looking for recipes to use them!  This recipe is a great addition to a meal.  It’s quick and easy to make.  You can make […]

Cheesy Masa Pancakes with Pico de Gallo–A Lovely Mexican Appetizer

We had these recently at a local Mexican restaurant and they were delightful!  So I went home and looked up the recipe.  Meade it gluten-free because it was so easy and now I have a new favorite for family or for entertaining.  Making the Pico de Gallo was easy.  It is such that you can […]

Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes–GF!

Have you seen all the posts and You Tube videos about cinnamon swirl pancakes?  Well, I have!  I just had to try it!  It was harder than I expected.  I should know by not never to think a recipe will be a snap!  Why? Because gluten-free pancakes are thicker than others and need both sides […]

Pancakes–Gluten-Free and Delicious

Another basic recipe everyone should have is how to make gluten-free pancakes from scratch.  You will never know just when you will need this, but, trust me, you will need it!  And I believe you should practice to be  sure you can do this perfectly.  I never had any problem finding a husband or kids […]