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Peanut Butter Pie in Chocolate Cookie Crust–Yum!

The week after Halloween is not a time of inspiration for me.  I think I’m just overwhelmed with candy.  Usually I don’t bake anything sweet for a while at this time–just too much for me to process.  However, we have a friend who was celebrating a special birthday, so I was asked to make something […]

Imposible Taco Pie–Delicious for Dinner

I make this very easy taco pie often for my family because they really, really like the taste.  It is easy to make and I can even do all the preparation and baking in the cooler summer mornings and just heat it for dinner if it gets too hot to cook.  This week we are […]

I’m back! And I’m sorry to have been gone for so long!

Last spring I decided to take a short break, which turned into a whole year.  Of course, I still baked gluten-free for my friends and family, but I just didn’t get around to posting on my blog.  How I’ve missed it!  So now I’m back and ready to be more responsible and post regularly. I […]

Impossible Bacon Pie made with Baking Mix–Yum!

Bacon is used in all the British Isles for main dishes that are quick and tasty.  This recipe sure fills that bill, plus it is savory with only a handful of ingredients.  The British use various cheddar cheeses in this recipe, the Irish often use a Swiss-like cheese, called Gabriel, in savory pie recipes like […]

The Last Recipe of the Summer–Single Serving Key Lime Pie

We have been blessed with a long warm Indian summer.  It has been in the high 80’s for most of October and I have been enjoying all the late summer wild flours in my area.  We were also blessed with company last week, so I got to make the last of the summer recipes that […]

Coconut Pie using GF Baking Mix

Trust me on this one.  If you have company coming over and you want your home to smell heavenly–try this recipe!  I mad the gluten-free baking mix last month and posted it on this blog on June 29th.  I still have lots of it on the pantry shelf.  I don’t even freeze it!  Looks and […]