Our Recipes

Great Depression Cake from 1930’s

One of the women in my Women’s Club asked me if I had any information how our grandmothers managed during the Great Depression.  Just what did they serve their families?  As a matter of fact, at one time in my life I had about 20 pamphlets from American companies touting their products from that era. […]

Steamed Christmas Pudding–Rich and Gluten-Free

Happy Holidays!  This is a special old-time recipe for any holiday gathering.  A dessert that we usually only read about!  I have to admit that my family is a bunch of readers!  Lots of times I’ve had to describe foods served in novels.  Right now, they want to try foods from any of the Harry […]

Hobo Bread–Gluten-Free, Egg Free and Yeast Free–Delicious!

My kids have always helped in the kitchen.  I love the company and they seem to love having input into our family meals.  My boys also love anything they can cook or bake in a can!  I think it is a guy thing but I’m not sure!  This is a family recipe that my boys […]