Welcome to Anna’s Challenge

Hi there, I’m Anna. Welcome to the new launch of Freedom Delivered!


Originally from southern Arizona, I now live in beautiful Arlington Virginia with my beautiful daughter who will graduate high school next year.

I grew up in a family with much older parents and my mother instilled a love of cooking from a very young age. We didn’t bake much and it wasn’t until I was older, I realized the beauty and quality of home baked goods. My family didn’t always have much in common, but we all know anything well made = LOVE.

After high school, I joined the Army as a helicopter crew chief and door gunner. My passion to serve has been a cornerstone of my life long after I left the military. This path is actually what brought me to Freedom Delivered. The last time I was in Afghanistan, I ingested a bacteria which did enough damage to my digestive tract, where I cannot process even the slightest trace of gluten. When I was diagnosed, I was devastated. I also happen to be convinced I may starve to death, but I felt truly disconnected from those I love because gluten free left a lot to be desired and I couldn’t ask them to bear that burden. As a result, we kept two separate diets and meal types until I kept getting sick due to cross-contamination. At that point, we had no choice but make the house completely gluten free. I’m sure you can imagine how impressed my daughter was with that decision!

The first couple years were brutal. I tried everything to make the transition as smooth as possible, and I mean everything. I bought every gluten free flour, mix, and substitute. Most of which, went into the trash. Every time I thought I was at the lowest point, ANOTHER recipe would fail and I’d sink lower until a colleague introduced me to the all-purpose flour blend that is called “Baking Free” by Freedom Delivered.

Since that day, I’ve baked amazing cakes, cupcakes, pizza dough, breads, cookies… the list goes on. I was back to normal and my family and friends benefited from my discovery. I even host several events per year where I do all of the cooking and baking for up to 60 people and they are never disappointed!

This brings me to last year when Freedom Delivered started having supply issues with the mill who produces the flour. There were ordering problems, the website was barren, and I was terrified the flour I’ve come to rely on would go out of business and I would go back to foodie despair. Out of fear and uncertainty, I reached out to the leadership at Freedom Delivered and with fortuitous timing, those supply issues have been fixed and I’ve joined the Freedom Delivered team to spread the word and ensure anyone working towards gluten free can still enjoy top quality foods and give that same FOOD = LOVE mentality to your families.

In the spirit of great living, I’d like to issue a challenge to bakers and cooks all around. Send me your favorite ways to use Baking Free all-purpose flour from Freedom Delivered and I’ll put them to the test. Those recipes who stand out will be earn the “little black dress” title (because everyone needs one!) and will be highlighted on a regular basis.



Happy eating!